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hugo.toml Link to heading

Available pygmentsStyle styles: See this comment from the author of hugo-code theme:

Create a draft for a new article Link to heading

When you feel creative and want to start writing a new blog post, you can create a draft by executing

hugo new posts/

The new draft will be added in the /contents/posts directory. The draft value for the new draft will be initially set to true. Once the draft is ready and can be published, the draft value will need to be set to false.

Spruce it up Link to heading

I like using info and warning boxes but they are not available out-of-the-box with Hugo. For this reason, I installed hugo-notice, a Hugo theme component which provides a shortcode to display nice notices. It also supports dark mode! It provides four notice types: warning, info, note and tip.

Test and view locally Link to heading

Hugo provides a development web server which allows you to easily view your website. You can start the web server by executing

hugo server

and then you can navigate to https://localhost:1313 in a browser to view your website.

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